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BEHRUZ HAIRULLAEV is a designer of all types of mediums including architecture, film, and graphic design. Born in Uzbekistan, Behruz has lived in many parts of the world including Turkey, and U.A.E, and the United states where he received his Bachelors of Architecture degree in 2016 from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has participated in many in international projects, has created architectural designs in collaboration with various ateliers, and competed in international competitions. Behruz has passions for photography, film, painting, branding, music production, and traveling. He has part taken in a lot of different sectors of architecture including commercial, residential, public housing, healthcare, and most recently aviation. Behruz is currently a part of the Aviation studio at Corgan as a Project Designer and working on developing John. F. Kennedy Terminals 6 and an airport in China
Hairullaev is interested in parametric and algorithmic designs and their effects on how people interact with them. Most of explicit forms we see today are static. I envision elements that are reactionary, not by motion, but by being more relevant to people. Architecture cannot stick to the general idea of venustas, utilitas, and firmitas. It needs to be forward thinking and solve social and environmental issues as well. Art is very subjective. There is no right or wrong answer for it. Architecture is an art form, so there is no right or wrong ways of constructing buildings, but there are always better and smarter approaches rather of the mundane ones. This is why Behruz develops all of his work using his 'six points of design' in one way or another. The six points of design are all aesthetically driven which are: iconic, monumental, powerful, simple, complex, and elegant.
His latest venture was creating holographic skyscrapers that dealt with ways to overcome the social and technical challenges in today’s society. Modern technology has drifted its users apart. This project aimed to strip those boundaries and bring people back together. ‘Holographic Reality’ along with other initiatives like the ‘Hoverscrapers’ and ‘Tech Port beacon’ have all been featured in various publication platforms. As designers we must throw ourselves into all sorts of mediums like digital fabrication, motion pictures, modern art, literature, and technology building. Having the mindset that everything can be rethought and reproduced in smarter and more efficient ways, we allow ourselves to advance and improve upon past history.
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