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FABBRICA DI CHIHULY - Chihuly's Factory

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Landscaping & Urbanism

Venice, Italy



150,000 sq. ft.

Venice is an island that has all sorts of tourist attractions all over it. At this key site location, for the project to be a gateway to the city, it needed to stand out while staying within the context of its neighboring buildings. It needed to be ‘the’ attraction that Venice craved. The project had to be powerful, iconic, monumental, and simple enough for all tourists to use. From the exterior, the building is visually locked with a few cracks along the perimeter. This way, what happens inside does not affect the grand Venice as a whole. The program is a factory for Chihuly, a museum for glass works, and a mixed-use plaza for the public to explore. The site is broken up into grids. The first layer of the grid system is all the enclosed program. Afterwards, at each grid center point lies a column that are enclosed with a movable-wall. Those walls can be shifted and rotated along the grid points. This allows the ever-changing landscape that can be altered by the tourists or Chihuly himself. The modification to the walls gives flexibility and adaptability to different zones that can showcase


There are two entrances to the city of Venice. One is by train and the other is by boat. The route the boats take in is perpendicular the site. The acts as the gateway for locals and tourists into the city. It was important to create an iconic gesture as the first site of Venice. Something that doesn’t give away what’s
behind the walls but integrating enough to attract outsiders. The northern wall height matches its neighboring buildings, giving the impressions that it belongs on the site. But it doesn’t share the same texture and materiality. various glass-works. The column’s core is made up of a rack and pinion gear, planetary gear, and a bevel gear.

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