FABBRICA DI CHIHULY - Chihuly's Factory






Landscaping & Urbanism

Venice, Italy



150,000 sq. ft.

Venice, all the tourist spots scattered are all over the island. At this key site, the project needed to be an icon for the city to become another city attraction. It needed to be ‘the’ attraction that Venice needed. The project needed to be powerful, iconic, monumental, simple, and yet complex. The project has explicit and implicit boundaries that exclude itself from the site of Venice. So, it becomes its own integrated stand-alone key figure.
Chihuly shares the site with the public. He can adapt the site to his liking any time he feels is right. This can be done wall movable events and walls that are scattered around the site. The wall is designed to be shifted, and at any given point rotate. This gives flexibility and adaptability to Chihuly’s needs. The core column is made up of rack and pinion gear, planetary gear, and a bevel gear.