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Conceived as a hill-shaped building covered in local vegetation embracing the local communities and context, Architensions imagines a building as a complex system of social connections and interactions with nature to generate an ecological system that prioritizes people.
The architecture becomes an open spatial system that helps aggregate its micro-cells to the macro scale of the city. It is the user that defines the use of the space with its continuous movement, trajectories, through a circulation system intertwined with the space that serves as a primary usable social condenser with its intricate succession of public plazas and vertical gardens.


Humans originally lived on planet A but a lack of resources and the destroyed environment forced them to find a new home. In the wake of the dying planet, the world is populated by a small community called ‘Nomads’. The Nomads on Planet A decided not to abandon their home world. The planetary conditions developed their skill set of making of what little resources remained. They have crafted equipment that mitigate harsh conditions. Their nomadic life style stems from the need to harvest the remaining resources on the planet. The drones’ visual interface allows it to both analyze its environment and enhance social interaction. It encourages people to migrate to planet A by displaying a better life on planet B. domes structures where built to create a hospitable atmosphere for human habitation. 

The Museum (2015)

In the not too distant future, Earth is abandoned. The atmosphere and the ozone layer is destroyed. Civilization has survived and thrived underground, were the radiation level cannot reach. To study history and the ways of the past, people go to museums. The can also be transported parts of the world on the surface were they can only walk around for a minute without having health issues.

COMMunity: Brick Built

Animation of the built showcasing how it was built.

COMMunity: Firestation

Animation of the Firehouse

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