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Tech Port Beacon







2,500 sq. ft. / 225 sq. m.

Bega Valley, Sapphire Coast, Australia


Located at the peak of the Sapphire Coast in Australia, Tech Port Beacon exhibits the technological possibilities of a beacon toward the beautifully crafted shoreline. This iconic figure bridges the gap between the land and sea through its source of light. the organic shape was calculated through a system of waves to bring a uniform modern ingenuity. Light is illuminated from within the louvers. The light directly is arrayed through the seaside. The 225 square foot beacon uses a smarter technology of varying mobile louers to illuminate th coast while the shape stands with a carefully established organization of structural elements. The wave-like form ecomes gradually slimmer as one moves through the programmed spacs within. This formulates an exclusive floor shape format of interior spaces resulting in a ninpiring view fo designers,writers and artisans. The ingenuity of the structure is morphed form the form of the program. There are two symmetrical tapering arched members that are tension braced back to ground.


As the levels expand to the top, another tension cable exists to hold the members in place. Tech Port Beacon is a monumental inclusion to the Sapphire Coast. Set behind these mobile louvers are long elongated sets of led light strips. These louvers transmit light by their rotation. This causes the light to be directed. A general beacon today that had the identity of a lighthouse always featured a center light at the to of the tower and an arched form to direct the light. To break away from that phase, the same ideas have to be kept but have to be visualized in different language. 

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